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Application Open.

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Application Open.

Post  Tempelshine on Sun Jul 05, 2009 1:44 pm

If you are interessted, post your Apply here and copy the Q/A Part.

<<<In the Up left corner "Neues Thema" means "New Post">>>

Wednesday 17:30 GMT / 1:30PM EST > German Time: 18:30
Saturday 20:30 GMT / 4:30PM EST > German Time: 21:30

Application open for following Jobs > BRD,WHM,RDM,BLM,SAM,WAR,DRK,MNK,PLD,THF.

Lot Rules: We have a Prio per Pointsystem: you get in in Cityruns 2 Points per Hour and in Ice/Dream 1 Point per Hour

Lot Priority: Prio1(highest Points>Prio2(highest Points)>Open70>Free

If you obtain in a City an Item from your Prio1 you will lose 50% from your Points(max-25points), if from Prio2 25%(max -15Points).
Example if you had 40 Points on Pointlist,you will lose 10 Points for Prio2.

If you obtain in a Ice/Dreamland an Item from your Prio1 you will lose 100% from your Points, if from Prio2 50%.

The Money-Drops will lot a Leader, he sell that stuff. To the next Dynamis-Run he will Payout the Member.

You have a Trial: you need 5 Dynamis-Runs.
In your Trial,you dont get Money and you not allowed to lot on Open70 & but Free allowed.

Q/A Part.
1. Chars Name.

2. Jobs 75 (only Jobs you wanna play in Dynamis)

3. Which Dyna-Wins Access you have already?

4. Which Relics you want?

5. You can attend Runtimes?

6. Which LS you was before?

7. You understand the Simply Rules?


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